Our Story

Anther & Apiary was founded in 2016.  Prior to this, beekeeping was our hobby which eventually with the support of family and friends turned into a business offering handcrafted honey based soaps and lip balms.

Our main operation is based in Truro, Nova Scotia with Apiaries located in and around Colchester County and parts of Cape Breton.

The name was chosen using words related to honeybees and the plants they pollinate.  The name Anther means the part of a stamen that contains the pollen and Apiary is the place where bees are kept or the bee yard.

We are dedicated to organic beekeeping practices and to promoting the importance of honeybees in our ecosystem.

Please check out our blog for educational links and updates related to our honeybees and honeybees around the world!

Our honeybees collecting honey during the summer of 2015.